UI / UX Design BootCamp in Ibadan and Lagos

UI / UX Design BootCamp in Ibadan and Lagos


UX-UI Design Bootcamp

Challenge yourself in our immersive UX Design Bootcamp and prepare for your new career as a UX designer.

  • Learn user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design.
  • Work with real clients and build a professional portfolio to showcase your projects.​
  • Work directly with a career coach to master the job hunt.

Immerse Yourself in User Experience (UX) Design

Our UX Design Bootcamp is a proven path to becoming a user experience designer. We are committed to teaching our students the technical practices and processes of designing digital experiences and the philosophies and methods that inform good design.

Results Driven

We measure learning outcomes and track student job placement. Our most recent 2020 Outcomes Report details a 91% employment rate for job-seeking graduates.

Project-Based Learning

Individual and team-based projects prepare you to work in a real career environment. Create work to build your portfolio.

Cutting-Edge Curriculum

We teach the most relevant skills and tools while combining user experience design with user interface design.

Expert Instructors

Our expert instructors guide your learning, providing you the opportunity to ask questions, collaborate with others and have a personalized learning experience at UI / UX Design BootCamp in Ibadan and Lagos

Make the most of your Time.

earn the fundamental concepts and techniques essential to user experience (UX) design

Opportunities Outside The Classroom

We bring your learning experience beyond the classroom and into the real world by providing you with opportunities to network with employers, work with real clients during your capstone projects, and meet experts in the field at UI / UX Design BootCamp in Ibadan and Lagos

Network With Employers

From lunch and learns to community events, we give you the opportunity to market yourself to employers.

What You Will Learn

In this course you will learn both user experience (UX) design and user interface (UI) design. Starting with the fundamentals, you will quickly advance through topics of increasing complexity, applying creative problem-solving skills to design and iterating on your designs based on research. You will leave this course knowing every step of the design process, from design concepts to high-fidelity prototypes.

Design Thinking

Apply an empathetic approach to problem solving by learning creative techniques and innovative strategies to understand user motivations and behaviors. UI / UX Design BootCamp in Ibadan and Lagos

User Research

Discover research methods to transform qualitative and quantitative insights into design decisions, and uncover the truth about how people use products.

Information Architecture

Familiarize yourself with methods and techniques for organizing the visual and informational structure of content. Use these techniques to inform your navigation.

Visual Design

Learn the basics of visual design and user interface design using professional tools. Take your concepts from low-fidelity wireframes to high-fidelity mockups.


Use InVision to build an early model of your design solution/product. Put your prototype in the hands of users to identify opportunities for improvement.


Sharpen your technical communication skills by learning how to deliver your designs and ideas to clients. Learn how to give and receive feedback.

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